What is the difference between custom units and ready to ship units? 

  • Custom units are made to fit a specific head size. These units are constructed by sewing machine and fully customized. This includes bleaching knots, plucking the hairline and part, lace tinting (if needed), and styling. 
  • Ready to ship units are factory made units that arrive ready for customization. These units include clips, adjustable straps, and an elastic band.
  • Both units last up to 2 years or longer with proper maintenance of the hair and lace. 

    What is the difference between a closure and a frontal? 

    • Closures have a small parting space, come in different sizes ranging from 4-7 inches in width.
    • Closures are low maintenance and can be easily removed. 
    • Frontals cover the entire hair line from ear to ear, comes in 2 sizes 13x4 and 13x6. Requires more maintenance than closures and can be glued down for a good week without lifting. 

      How are head measurements taken for custom units?